seven days of excuses i’ve come up with to not play rhythm heaven megamix every night since its release

june 15
oh, man, i just went back to work today, i work the next nine days straight, i’m pretty tired, is it even live on the eshop yet, those shops always put up stuff late or the link doesn’t work, what if i tap buy but it buys a kirby game instead well that actually wouldn’t be so bad, epic yarn was nice i never finished that, i should finish epic yarn, i should finish lots of games oh why am i even thinking about buying another rhythm heaven i didnt even finish the other ones ugh fake game guy

june 16
okay i guess its out now i can totally buy it and play it its definitely what i’ve wanted my whole life or at least for a few days now but wait i only have like two dollars on the eshop i need to go to the store and get more prepaid cards because i dont want to give nintendo my cc info thats dangerous remember when sonys shit got hacked ugh no thanks gotta be safe also i get gas points from my grocery store when i buy gift cards there and gas is the new currency in our post-apocalypse well the store is closed because i didnt get off work until 11:30 pm darn

june 17
okay i thought ahead i bought the gift card at the grocery store i’m home from work i can totally buy this game now except i have to be back at work in like eight hours and yeah i have to stay up and do laundry but i feel like i cant really invest time into this game like i need to i’m not going to enjoy it i’m just going to keep thinking about how i have to wake up so soon ugh this is the worst

june 18
oh my god i’m so tired i’m just gonna go to sleep when i get home i can at least buy the game from bed before i fall asleep ok i’m all snuggled in lights out oh dangit i left the gift card out in the living room thats so far away don’t make me get up

june 19
okay i’ve got the gift card i’ve got the ds i’m in bed i’m comfy lets do this I DON’T HAVE A COIN TO SCRATCH OFF THE CARD? this is too much for me to handle i’m just going to try to sleep off my embarrassment

june 20
i’m off work early i dont have to be in to work until late tomorrow this is the perfect time to play rhythm heaven megamix but i’m still going to wait until i’m in bed because, you know, reasons. welp, now i’m in bed, the gift card is loaded onto my eshop account, the game is purchased and its downloaded and now i can play. hm. still have like $20 left on my account though.


whoops i fell asleep

june 21
i have the game its downloaded its on my 3ds which i have *brought to work* for the express purpose of playing it on my lunch break. man its gonna be so good to finally play this, maybe i’ll write about it. haha, i should write about all the times i didn’t play it-oh? lunch break is over? but… ok

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